Since the time of our inception to date, our focus at LeaderCabs has been on delivering industry-leading taxi services.

We aim to serve our clients by combining the power of technology and traditional customer service values, ensuring your travel with us is comfortable and seamless.

To this extent, you can make any changes to your travel, including cancelling, amending, and booking can be made on our app. Moreover, our customer service is available 24/7 for our clients, ensuring they get the help they need – when they need it.

At LeaderCabs, 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to achieve it.

We have taken extra care to ensure every aspect of your travel with us, starting from booking to your comfort during the ride and from using the app to payment processing, is as seamless as possible.

Get in touch with us for more information about our taxi services or to book your travel today. Alternatively, you can also download our app and manage your travels on the go.


You can book a taxi with us through our mobile app visiting our website on your phone or other devices (PC/Laptop/Tablet).

Alternatively, you can also call our customer service number at 01983303000

Simply log into your account on our booking app or our website.

Click on ‘View Bookings’

Select the booking you want a receipt for.

Click on the receipt, and a copy of the receipt will be downloaded to your phone or sent to your email.

It’s as easy as that!

At LeaderCabs, we send you an SMS providing comprehensive details about the car’s make and model, registration number, driver’s details, and driver’s contact number.

Alternatively, you can also track your taxi via the mobile app or by the link sent by SMS

If you feel you’ve lost or forgotten one of your items in our cab, we have systems in place to retrieve and store the item. For customers’ convenience, we store the item for a period of 12 months from the time it was found.

You can reach out to us via the customer service helpline or send us an email describing the item, the time the item was lost, and any other specifics of the item. Once identified and confirmed, we will work with you to get the item back to you.

In the instance a lost item is not claimed within 12 months, we dispose of the item.

If you cancel the booking when one of our drivers is assigned to you for less than three minutes, there won’t be any cancellation charges.

A cancellation fee will be levied if you cancel the booking when our driver is assigned to you for more than three minutes.

You can also check out our Terms & Conditions to know more about the cancellation policy in detail.

At LeaderCabs, we take every possible measure to ensure all our cabs are on time – every time.

You can track the driver/cab assigned to you via our mobile booking app. Alternatively, you would also be sent an SMS containing information about your cab and the driver.

If you haven’t received this SMS or can’t track your cab via the app, please call our customer service at 01983303000 helpline for more information.

For non-airport journeys, we offer a grace period of five minutes before the waiting time fee is accrued.

For ASAP bookings, the waiting time starts five minutes after the cab arrives.

For Pre-Bookings, the waiting time starts five minutes after the pre-scheduled booking time.

For Airport Transfers, in the case of domestic flights, a grace period of 30 minutes is offered before the waiting time fee is accrued.

For Airport Transfers, in the case of international flights, a grace period of 30 minutes is offered before the waiting time fee is accrued.

You can also check out our Terms & Conditions for more information about our Waiting-Time charges or give a call to our customer service helpline.

Ideally, you will find our driver at the Arrivals with your name signed.

You will be emailed and sent an SMS with the exact information about Meeting Point in the booking confirmation email/text message we send to you upon booking.

For some airports where Meet & Greet isn’t allowed, we will send you exact information about where you can find your assigned driver/cab.

We monitor flight delays/timings in real-time to ensure your waiting for you upon your arrival or have the cab ready to pick you up for a timely airport transfer.

When you pre-book with us, you’re shown the charges for your travel. It is the exact same fare you pay us with no last-minute surprises or additions.

Our Fixed Fares don’t’ change, no matter the route taken or the duration of the journey.

Our fares are, on average, 20% lower than the standard market rates, offering value to our customers like no other Isle of Wight Taxi Companies.

Our terms and conditions are applicable throughout our operating areas, whether you book Sandown Taxi, Shankin Taxi, Venator Taxi, East Cowes Taxi, Cowes Taxi, Bembridge Taxi, Yarmouth Taxi, Red Funnel terminal in East Cowes or Red Jet West Cowes, from Wightlink Ferry Terminal on Fishbourne or Yarmouth ferry port or anywhere else we serve.

For more information about our Taxi Services or to book a cab, download our app today or get in touch through our customer service helpline at 01983303000.